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Hi, I’m Luca a pro photographer specialized in digital images like panoramas, 360 panoramas, Virtual Tour, interior and exterior photography. I began my career in the fashion and portrait field. But starting to travel around the world I discovered the pleasure of the street photography and take panoramas of the place around me. Was easy, after a while, to add also the 360° photos. Now I have more than 20 years experience in witch I also got the Google Street View Trusted certification.


Panoramic Photography

I am panoramic photographer first. Standard panoramas or 360 panoramas are ideal for advertising (a panorama on a double page spread is truly eye-catching) but I’m frequently commissioned to create panoramas for art and interior design too. As specialist in high resolution photography, I offer a gigapixel image creation service. These super high-res photos can be used for many purposes, including documenting fine art for galleries (even for online viewers or even a pre-restoration archive) or perhaps creating images of a crowd event so viewers can zoom in and find themselves in the photo.

Virtual Tour

You can be sure that your 360° virtual tours will showcase your space at the best. My skills and experience ensure that, not only your virtual tours look good now, but they will be even in the future too. I use specific photographic techniques such as HDR and offer expert retouching to create the best results for the clients. The customized interfaces, maps and floor plans can give a framework to your virtual tour, ensuring the visitor always remains orientated within the environment. A virtual tour can incorporate a variety of multimedia objects to interact with your web audience. As well as mapping the space, your virtual tour can include a soundtrack, a voice over, video, stills, webcam or hot-spots that highlight particular points of interest. It can integrate perfectly within your existing site or even become a separate micro-site. Your tour will be provided with files which can be uploaded to your site. The projects will be delivered HTML5 and standalone player for Mac and PC.

Architectural and Real Estate

Still photography for your business is still now in vogue. If you like a classic service for your apartment, B&B, hotel and much more I can deliver your work with a fast turnaround and using HDR technology to get all the dynamic range from the surrounding light. The purpose of real estate photography is to sell or rent houses, hotel, B&B, etc. Realtors are looking for unique styles that will catch the eye of prospects in a sea of those who are competing for real estate photography. A picture is worth a thousand words. Real Estate Photography is all about creating captivating images that can sell a property and be worth thousands of dollars.

Google Maps

Some clients doesn’t nee a complete service with still photos, gigapixel or Virtual Tour but the would like only to be online with more visibility as well. The only thing they need is to see their business on Google Maps and showcase the best of them to the clients. It’s a fast way to reach new customers and more revenue.

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